What should I blog about next?

More art stuff?
Movies? Books?
Resource masterlist? (I’m actually working on that.)
Any topic to talk about?
Etc etc…



    • This is both sad and disturbing. Not only transgender, gay and lesbian people and people with mental illness are also often ridiculed in media. It’s an entire culture of bullying minorities. Perhaps the most horrifying thing is how deeply people are influenced by it. All I can think of is what Lt. Cable sings in South Pacific: “you’ve got to be taught to hate and fear.”

      • Totally. I don’t recall if I ever mentioned it to you, but I was raised by two women. My best friend during my high school years was gay. I remember being a kid and signing paper petitions to legalize gay marriage. I never have understood how this world can be so hateful toward people who are bringing them no harm. I’ve been reading again about cultures and religions being bullied for being a minority or “different” in this country. It’s despicable. There seems to be a lot of ignorance to go around here, unfortunately. Have you ever heard the phrase “Ignorance breeds fear” ? I don’t remember how it goes, but something went along with it, saying that we kill what we don’t understand. ._. A shame that we try to destroy and mock people instead of building tolerance and love for one another.

        Welp, sorry for the rant. I’ve missed looking at this and couldn’t help replying.

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