Something worth celebrate: Coy Mathis

Today is a day worth celebrate because we have made another step forward on the scene of transgender equal rights movement.

Coy Mathis, a six year-old transgender first grader, has been told by her school that she cannot use the girl’s restroom because “as she grew older and developed, some students and parents would likely become uncomfortable”, and that “Coy’s birth certificate stated she was male” even when her recent medical and legal documents acknowledged her identity as a female*, according to today’s New York Times article.

After an investigation since Kathryn Mathis, Coy’s mother, filed a complaint with Colorado Civil Rights Division in February, the Division has ruled in favor of Coy Mathis. It has become the first case ruling in the U.S. that holds that “transgender students be allowed to use bathrooms that match who they are”, said Michael D. Silverman, the executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (where Coy’s story made the homepage of the organization’s website).

Coy (L) and her family. Credit: TLDEF Information

TLDEF’s Homepage Article on Coy’s Winning the Case

*It is mentioned in CCN’s report that “Coy’s passport and state-issued identification recognize her as female.” [x]

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The Genderbread Person v2.0

The Genderbread Person was introduced me a while back in the comments by a school teacher (the comment was not published because it mentioned my name). It’s a rather accurate graphic model explaining the concept of gender, expression, sex, and sexuality.

It’s beautiful, fun and easy to understand. Quite like the Gender Book project that’s introduced in my earlier post (which was kind of the archetype for this entire blog if you may).

I like how the creator says in his video that the goal of his project is not only to create resources that help people to be aware of the issues, but also help people to teach other people about these issues.

As someone in the community, I like to think of it not as a responsibility but a privilege to educate others about these issues that would ultimately benefit everyone if resolved.

The Genderbread Person is a project under the site It’s Pronounced Metrosexual ( They also have a Facebook page ( and Twitter account (

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